Prefer to Kill

I sense your light

It's bottled up inside

I'm sure you tried

But not enough to save me


You spend your life..

In those twisted spires

It builds up in time..

A blindness for mercy


How many times did you reserve the darkness?

How many times did you prefer to kill?

You might not think you deserve it, but I've got a feel for you..

How many crimes did you observe yourself?


You think your poison is working

But I won't descend

Your lies are just the cries of something alien


You think you'll draw back the curtain

And lure me in..

The hounds of your temptation, they're howling again


You're gasping while I'm submerging

You're holding me in

Your laughter is a mercy that I can't defend


In your perverted assertion

We're lovers and friends

I promise to your god it's something different


I sense your vice

Through your disguise 

Let's end the lies

Before we're strangers


I've seen your light 

It's bottled up inside 

I'm sure you tried 

But not enough to save me






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