Cemetery Life

What's life, when you roam the night?

You aught to think it over..

Oh sweet momentary life…

If you survive

You'll only come out stronger


Holding on to cosmic pain

All in all you can't complain, you're all right


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Well met.. thinking of what you mean to me

My good intentions pulling you back down


I'm hellbent, living out a fantasy

Without intervention and evil all around




I know, I've heard you praying

I'm not complaining

I'm only…

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Numb to Love

How long you been too numb to love?

How wrong you need for me to love

Cut off you feel cold and alone

Put on you leave feeling hollow


I hear your pulse, pounding.. I know

We walk a razor…

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The Fever

Didn't want to take a lover

Didn't want to foul it up

Pit me against another

You know I'll never give it up

Will our love outlast,

All that we demur?

Will our hearts break free?

Or will you just…

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You say.. it's just a model of thinking

If we exist in a daydream

Then there can be no mistaking

What are you saying?

Did you not even wait for me?

I'm touched you're crying…

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I'm all in pieces

Heard you lost all reason

I wanted to be there

Don't you say it's a lie


Drop me off the deep end

I'm too weak to defend

All our inner demons




This love is…

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Social Suicide

Don't know how to deal

When everyone is changing

Eyes that don't conceal

The reasons for your wrath

Tell me how you feel

Am I a true pariah?

Tortured hearts don't heal


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Hands Down

Are we only getting deeper?

When the moon reflects your eyes and our actions lead to silence

Could this pain be any sweeter?

In the absence of your shine, I'm as dull as any non believer

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Loss... I feel it every second

Lead on.. we've only a second

Fear for love?

I bleed for love

Breathe for love?

I grieve for love


So play on..

I see you…

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Think of who you are..

The planchette is the heart that speaks through you

Right on que..

Time and time again, you fail to find a friend to see you through

That's on you..


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Set Me Free

You never have to say it

It's pretty clear you're faking

Set me free why don't you babe?


Am I alone in thinking..

Right now we're just existing?

Set me free why don't you…

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Lay Low

Lay low.. they'll never understand

When you get right.. you're like a different man

Lay low.. until the poison fades

Here in the dark, no one can see the pain


Lay low.. under a cloud…

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