Who We Are

Vacant Windows is the stage moniker of Baltimore based artist/producer Samuel Morgan. Vacant Window‘s sullen and granular electronic laden approach, blurs the line between synth-pop, coldwave and post-punk in a hypnotic and addictive blend of prominent and primal beats, glistening synth textures, elusive droning elements, energizing bass pulsations and a passionate vocal, all awash in a mournful goth vibe reminiscent of some of your favorite 80's wave bands.  By tossing aside the comfortable conventions of traditional rock and roll, Morgan approaches music with an adventurous attitude towards experimentation through the blending of natural ambient, digital and analog instrumentation in an array of synthesized and sequenced sounds. . 



"If anyone has ever doubted the power of DIY, let Vacant Windows make them believe."
Prysm Magazine Interview September 7th, 2013

"This Baltimore electronic band certainly brings a level of sophistication to its sound. With tracks structured around tenacious beats and loops, Vacant Windows establishes an acute rhythm that carries each song through an experience of moody highs and lows, while maintaining a catchy, mellow dramatic pulse." Bishop and Rook August 8th, 2013

"Inspiring experimental indie electro from Baltimore based Vacant Windows. If you are a fan of the XX, Beach House or even Depeche mode you will like this. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys!"
Your Neon Heart, June 2013