Numb to Love 

How long you been too numb to love?

How wrong you need for me to love

Cut off you feel cold and alone

Put on you leave feeling hollow


I hear your pulse, pounding.. I know

We walk a razor, poised to overflow

When it burns it pains, down to the bone

Now we only talk of why you'd go


CHORUS (spoken):

You'd surely die without me

But with out me..

You thought in time...

You'd simply die with out me

You said in time that...

You'd surely die..

You're sure you'd die with out me

But with out…

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Rolling the Dice 

So you've gone and failed at love

How long can you go without her?

Did you love with all your heart?

Do you find it hard to doubt her?


How many times did you lose yourself?

Did you lose it over and over?

How many times did you want to tell her..

Not to look twice over her shoulder



This just doesn't work..

It just gets worse

If you hold it in you're you're nearly drowning


This just isn't worth it

It just gets worse 

If you're holding on, you're holding…

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So Empty 

It started off, lust in the summer

Head over heels for one another

We made a vow, because it seemed like the thing to do


Just shout it out, and I would follow

Your loving arms draped from the gallows

Your love was harsh, but still it seemed like the thing to do


We drew apart while still together

Like ships adrift lost in the weather

My stony heart twisted and dark as the ring you refused 


It's not enough for you to bother

To be alone, trapped in each other

Devoid of touch, absent of all…

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She Goes 

In 20 days this ain't about her

Although you feel like you could die

And while you'll get along without her

She's still the first thing on your mind


20 days without her comforts

Without her breathing by your side

And though alone your free to wander

You're so alone you're bound and tied



She goes on.. She goes

She goes on.. She goes on

She goes on.. We know

She goes on.. She goes


20 days you've been without her

And while she barely said goodbye

And though you knew you couldn't…

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Dying For You 

I know I've seen it in your eyes 

A message from your private side

Heaven knows I'm meant to be alone tonight

Although I missed the reasons why


I'm not allowed to see the surface

They walled it off with me inside

I'm not around for you to hypnotize

All in all, I'm alone, I get by



Dyin' for ya

We're so self defeating

I am, are you?

Gonna solve this aching?


Dyin' for ya 

We're so self defeating 

I am, are you? 

Gonna solve this aching?


I know you see through this disguise 

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Mirror of Desire 

Mirror of desire

You people are mistaken

If your love burns hotter

Then all the world is faking

For a love to fade

Such a lonely high

I'll see you on your way

A song before we die


Bind my hands

I feel dead inside

Demon's eyes

A fear of the night

Take my pride

Throw it on the pyre

Blinded by a love I can't describe



I will always be the precious thorn in your side

I will never live a righteous or a pious life

I will always be a phantom in the public eye

I will never see your…

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Watch it Burn 

A dark weight, I carry for nothing

That's my take on your silver tongue

Well I'm vague.. I'll settle down to something

 If I'm blind, why can't I be numb?


Why.. beseech the fallen?

While I try to jog in place

You say goodbye?

I say good for nothing.

Well I'm lithe to wash your pain



I can't let you creep into this world again

Into this world again, you do it again, again, again..


I can't let you bleed into this tourniquet

You're not going to save me.. you're not going to save..

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Wild Night 

Wild Night

Washed in gray

Time..  you've got me on this ride 

Till you're numb.. we're seeing the signs


I'd sell it all to see the light..

But this goes on.. this goes on..

You never really know what you sacrifice

But if you draw, we'll see in the lines


Wild Night 

Lost the day 

Time..  you've got me on this ride  

Till you're numb.. we can't go on


In hour four and twenty five

The ink is wet and flows just right

Got everything I know in black and white

But it dissolved before my eyes

The Fall 

I'm trying to abide, it's a lot to learn to swallow

You wanna flee in the night? I've been lonely since the fall

Turn to your before, going over and over tomorrow

Time to analyze, is it worth it here at all?


How many others have sought

All the promises they're making?

A seed that's planted in chaff, is a heartless bounty


And how do you decide? Too numb to pull together

We're hiding out in plain site, but we're not giving in to the pain



When the reaper is calling

And all the…

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Prefer to Kill 

I sense your light

It's bottled up inside

I'm sure you tried

But not enough to save me


You spend your life..

In those twisted spires

It builds up in time..

A blindness for mercy


How many times did you reserve the darkness?

How many times did you prefer to kill?

You might not think you deserve it, but I've got a feel for you..

How many crimes did you observe yourself?


You think your poison is working

But I won't descend

Your lies are just the cries of something alien


You think…

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