Social Suicide 

Don't know how to deal

When everyone is changing

Eyes that don't conceal

The reasons for your wrath

Tell me how you feel

Am I a true pariah?

Tortured hearts don't heal

And troubled minds are daft


Don't wait, I'm numb

If there's a lesson here I still don't follow

My my, I may may be dumb

But no one said that you would change tomorrow


Lock step

Mind's eye

You fake

I rise


Pumped high

Your loss

My life


Don't reach for the pearl that draws your eye

You may be laden with the…

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Hands Down 

Are we only getting deeper?

When the moon reflects your eyes and our actions lead to silence

Could this pain be any sweeter?

In the absence of your shine, I'm as dull as any non believer


Out of turn, I’ve learned so much about you. I was blind 

There’s a term, for distorted perception.. it slips my mind



Hands down, you were all in nearly half the time

You retreated... with the night

Hold on, if we could... hold out to the morning hours

But the truth hurts in daylight


Are you only…

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Loss... I feel it every second

Lead on.. we've only a second

Fear for love?

I bleed for love

Breathe for love?

I grieve for love


So play on..

I see you every day

Put on

Teasing all the unseen ghosts in my head

Do you want to try me love?

Just set it up

I'll see you in the unkempt sheets of my bed


Fear... I feel it every second

I long..

You use it as a weapon 

Bleed for love..

Naive in love...


Cry on..

The feeling comes in waves


Cradling all the secrets that go unsaid

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Think of who you are..

The planchette is the heart that speaks through you

Right on que..

Time and time again, you fail to find a friend to see you through

That's on you..



You're making contact

You're making contact

Is that a contract?

You're making contact


A thinly covered veil, divides us from the paleness of our youth

Time is cruel.

How precious to know, that death is just a prelude to the truth

Step on through..



You're making contact 

You're making contact 


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Set Me Free 

You never have to say it

It's pretty clear you're faking

Set me free why don't you babe?


Am I alone in thinking..

Right now we're just existing?

Set me free why don't you babe?



I know it hurts.. to say it plain

I know your heart's.. expired

Was it something I said.. that turned the key?

I want to dance.. in fire


Is there some way to tame me?

Could I be lulled to safety?

Set me free why don't you babe


It isn't worth debating

All that we shared is waning

Set me free why…

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Lay Low 

Lay low.. they'll never understand

When you get right.. you're like a different man

Lay low.. until the poison fades

Here in the dark, no one can see the pain


Lay low.. under a cloud of dread

You think they know?  That's only in your head

Stay low, if only for a time

When you get numb, you've gotta change your mind







Stuck up





Lay low.. don't even make a sound

When you get high.. no one can hold you down

Say no.. when your hope…

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Real Life 

Life.. you've started over

You found a lover

She's coming over

Say you're alive..


Christ.. you're rolling over

She left under cover

You're not below her

Say you're alive


So you're alone..

Sad sad feeling alone

You're on your own...

Sad sad feeling alone


Why.. you get so head strong?

He wasn't all wrong

You've got to know this

Let in some light


Cry.. you're doubling over

When you recover..

The night's still young girl

Set it alight


But you're alone.. 

Sad sad feeling alone…

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I would love to feel the magic

I would love to see the light

I would love to share the promise in your eyes

As hours burn from day to night



How do you feel alone?

How do you feel alone when I'm right here right now?


In a pattern of dependence

All alone you feel alive

But when we're both as good as vagrants

There's just no time to prosthelytize


Truth is.. won't lie

Nothing good is happening outside

All lust, all noise

There isn't much that we can't destroy


So how.. do you…

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Numb to Love 

How long you been too numb to love?

How wrong you need for me to love

Cut off you feel cold and alone

Put on you leave feeling hollow


I hear your pulse, pounding.. I know

We walk a razor, poised to overflow

When it burns it pains, down to the bone

Now we only talk of why you'd go


CHORUS (spoken):

You'd surely die without me

But with out me..

You thought in time...

You'd simply die with out me

You said in time that...

You'd surely die..

You're sure you'd die with out me

But with out…

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Rolling the Dice 

So you've gone and failed at love

How long can you go without her?

Did you love with all your heart?

Do you find it hard to doubt her?


How many times did you lose yourself?

Did you lose it over and over?

How many times did you want to tell her..

Not to look twice over her shoulder



This just doesn't work..

It just gets worse

If you hold it in you're you're nearly drowning


This just isn't worth it

It just gets worse 

If you're holding on, you're holding…

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