Mirror of Desire 

Mirror of desire

You people are mistaken

If your love burns hotter

Then all the world is faking

For a love to fade

Such a lonely high

I'll see you on your way

A song before we die


Bind my hands

I feel dead inside

Demon's eyes

A fear of the night

Take my pride

Throw it on the pyre

Blinded by a love I can't describe



I will always be the precious thorn in your side

I will never live a righteous or a pious life

I will always be a phantom in the public eye

I will never see your…

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Watch it Burn 

A dark weight, I carry for nothing

That's my take on your silver tongue

Well I'm vague.. I'll settle down to something

 If I'm blind, why can't I be numb?


Why.. beseech the fallen?

While I try to jog in place

You say goodbye?

I say good for nothing.

Well I'm lithe to wash your pain



I can't let you creep into this world again

Into this world again, you do it again, again, again..


I can't let you bleed into this tourniquet

You're not going to save me.. you're not going to save..

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Wild Night 

Wild Night

Washed in gray

Time..  you've got me on this ride 

Till you're numb.. we're seeing the signs


I'd sell it all to see the light..

But this goes on.. this goes on..

You never really know what you sacrifice

But if you draw, we'll see in the lines


Wild Night 

Lost the day 

Time..  you've got me on this ride  

Till you're numb.. we can't go on


In hour four and twenty five

The ink is wet and flows just right

Got everything I know in black and white

But it dissolved before my eyes

The Fall 

I'm trying to abide, it's a lot to learn to swallow

You wanna flee in the night? I've been lonely since the fall

Turn to your before, going over and over tomorrow

Time to analyze, is it worth it here at all?


How many others have sought

All the promises they're making?

A seed that's planted in chaff, is a heartless bounty


And how do you decide? Too numb to pull together

We're hiding out in plain site, but we're not giving in to the pain



When the reaper is calling

And all the…

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Prefer to Kill 

I sense your light

It's bottled up inside

I'm sure you tried

But not enough to save me


You spend your life..

In those twisted spires

It builds up in time..

A blindness for mercy


How many times did you reserve the darkness?

How many times did you prefer to kill?

You might not think you deserve it, but I've got a feel for you..

How many crimes did you observe yourself?


You think your poison is working

But I won't descend

Your lies are just the cries of something alien


You think…

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Turning On 

Who loves the lover's saga?

Who needs the pain?

You say your life's been fouled up

And I'm to blame

What a lovely implication...

I'm on a last resort vacation


Farewell to mass nirvana

Farewell to pain

So much for all the drama

That lovers bring

How long could I mistake your presence..

For something never bound to make sense?



Oooh..   turning on the night


How deep could I get caught up?

Part of the game

I'm not the one you thought up

In your dewy dreams

What a strange…

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Held Up Again 

Why would you celebrate tonight?

When you can't advocate tomorrow?

I'm only turning out the light on us

Cause I can't overlook the sorrow



It's too late, I'm held up again

I can't run there's smoke in my eyes

If I'm blind... I'm numb and immune to the lies


Oh no.. I found love but then

I've learned to bolt in inside

Am I man, or automaton b'neath this disguise


How can I fabricate real life?

                   See this through, no sacrifice

When I can't salivate or swallow?

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This is a Lie 

Stuck in a dark place

I don't want to see you

I wanna let you go before I slip and fall through

I wanna listen

I want to believe you

Come on and take my wrist and when you trip I'll catch you 



This is a lie, like all the other fabrications

This is a lie, like Mother told you it's a test

This is a lie, I'm only breaking cause I'm human

This is a lie, I'm self absorbed like all the rest


Become hard wired

All the others just passed through, a whisper on my tongue

But I'm stuck in a…

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Don't Crash 

Don't waste your time, I'm only feeling sick cause I've been lonely

Time out of mind, I've had some time to think things over

Another line? another means to cheapen what we started

I'm dead inside, that doesn't mean I can't get sober



Don't crash... I can see you're coming down

It's all bad... You'll miss me when I'm not around


All that we've shared, just a distraction from the roots that drive me

I'm never sure, am I strung or just much older?

You're always there to strike the match…

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Darling did you know I think about you? 

I can only rest assured when we're fast asleep 

Cause in my dreams you're a ghost and I can't be seduced to touch you 

More and more in the waking hours you torment me 


That's just how it goes, does evil drug me? 

Time and time again with frequency 

And do you know what you'd see if I split at the seams, so ugly.. 

But I have faith that talk is cheap and you can be discreet..



I'm caught up in my head again

That doesn't mean, I don't like it


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