Turning On

Who loves the lover's saga?

Who needs the pain?

You say your life's been fouled up

And I'm to blame

What a lovely implication...

I'm on a last resort vacation


Farewell to mass nirvana

Farewell to pain

So much for all the drama

That lovers bring

How long could I mistake your presence..

For something never bound to make sense?



Oooh..   turning on the night


How deep could I get caught up?

Part of the game

I'm not the one you thought up

In your dewy dreams

What a strange infatuation... 

We're a tragic celebration


No longer lost or sought out   

You don't have to pay 

So long as I stay shrouded

I shall remain

Just a source of  your vexation

Absorbing light in isolation



Oooh..  I'm turning on the night

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