Real Life

Life.. you've started over

You found a lover

She's coming over

Say you're alive..


Christ.. you're rolling over

She left under cover

You're not below her

Say you're alive



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I would love to feel the magic

I would love to see the light

I would love to share the promise in your eyes

As hours burn from day to night



How do…

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Rolling the Dice

So you've gone and failed at love

How long can you go without her?

Did you love with all your heart?

Do you find it hard to doubt her?


How many times did you lose…

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So Empty


You were a taboo so delicate, my only one

I know if I would reveal myself you'd turn and run

Lost in a fog of obscene regret, time marches on

Don't hold it over release the…

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She Goes

In 20 days this ain't about her

Although you feel like you could die

And while you'll get along without her

She's still the first thing on your mind


20 days without her comforts

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Dying For You

I know I've seen it in your eyes 

A message from your private side

Heaven knows I'm meant to be alone tonight

Although I missed the reasons why


I'm not allowed to see the surface

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Mirror of Desire

Mirror of desire

You people are mistaken

If your love burns hotter

Then all the world is faking

For a love to fade

Such a lonely high

I'll see you on your way

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Watch it Burn

A dark weight, I carry for nothing

That's my take on your silver tongue

Well I'm vague.. I'll settle down to something

 If I'm blind, why can't I be numb?


Why.. beseech the fallen?

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Wild Night

Wild Night

Washed in gray

Time..  you've got me on this ride 

Till you're numb.. we're seeing the signs


I'd sell it all to see the light..

But this goes on.. this goes on..

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The Fall

I'm trying to abide, it's a lot to learn to swallow

You wanna flee in the night? I've been lonely since the fall

Turn to your before, going over and over tomorrow

Time to analyze, is it…

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Prefer to Kill

I sense your light

It's bottled up inside

I'm sure you tried

But not enough to save me


You spend your life..

In those twisted spires

It builds up in time..


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Turning On

Who loves the lover's saga?

Who needs the pain?

You say your life's been fouled up

And I'm to blame

What a lovely implication...

I'm on a last resort vacation


Farewell to mass…

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