Don't Crash

Don't waste your time, I'm only feeling sick cause I've been lonely

Time out of mind, I've had some time to think things over

Another line? another means to cheapen what we started

I'm dead inside, that doesn't mean I can't get sober



Don't crash... I can see you're coming down

It's all bad... You'll miss me when I'm not around


All that we've shared, just a distraction from the roots that drive me

I'm never sure, am I strung or just much older?

You're always there to strike the match that burns my will to succeed

No not this time, don't need a crutch, don't need a shoulder



Don't crash... you honestly can't be alone

It's not that bad... Just follow me until the dawn



Don't let the beast pretend to comfort you

She'll bleed you dry and leave you dazed

She's not the sweet lover she claims to be

I don't jest, I don't con, I'm just saying.. 


I'm battle scarred, I wear the wounds that bring the blues down on me

You bring the dark and it can't

How many times will I fall victim to the spells cast on me?

You weave your web and bait the trap with hollow pleasures..



Don't crash... I can see you're coming down

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